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The Gun Seller Book Review

The Gun Seller by Hugh Laurie Book Review

Recognize the name? Yes, it’s Dr. House! Well, the actor who played Dr. House in the TV show House – Hugh Laurie. Didn’t know he is also an author? Neither did I, so you’re not alone there. In fact, he has a number of books to his name. The Gun Seller was published long before…

Night Film Book Review

Night Film by Marisha Pessl Book Review

Night Film is an award-winning mystery that is as dark as it is entertaining. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo meets the movie 8MM when a disgraced journalist investigates the life of an enigmatic horror flick director, his cult-like followers, and the death of his daughter. Random House | Hardcover | 2013 | 602 pp Scott McGrath had…

Prevention Book Review

Prevention by J. C. Dashwood Book Review

Prevention is a European techno-thriller that pits an unsuspecting family against a secret medical group with eugenics on the table. Although highly detailed with medical-speak and a heavy tome at that, Prevention is a definite page turner. Oliver and his wife Elizabeth are upstanding citizens in their unnamed northern European country. He works for the…

Cost of Crude Book Review

The Cost of Crude by Inge-Lise Goss Book Review

  The Cost of Crude is a work of fiction– a modern-day murder mystery, set against the backdrop of two large-scale oil companies dueling for maximum profit. It is a page-turning thriller that continuously challenges the reader’s assumptions about what will happen next. As a dedicated book lover, I generally pride myself on the ability to anticipate a book’s twist…

When You Leave

When You Leave by Monica Ropal Book Review

  When You Leave is a contemporary Young Adult novel. Don’t let the Young Adult genre turn you away if it is not a genre you usually read, this book is filled with complicated characters and emotional depth. The main character is Cass, a rebellious teenager who prefers skateboarding and her close friends to school…


No Time to Lose by Matt Baak Book Review

No Time to Lose by Matt Baak is a very suspenseful and thrilling book to read.  There are many books on the market about robberies and crime fighters but this one seems very different.  When a bank is robbed, no one can explain how.  The bank is protected by multiple people and security is constantly…


Vostok by Steve Alten Book Review

East Antarctica is the most barren, desolate tundra on Earth. With record lows in the negative 130s, it’s a pristine frozen wasteland void of much human interference. Buried two and a half miles under ancient ice lies Vostok, a massive liquid lake untouched for 15 million years. When scientists from Davis Station discover two perfectly preserved Miocene…


The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty Book Review

The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty is a novel regarding secrets that many people within one town have kept to themselves for years. Rachel’s daughter, Janie,  was murdered and they have yet to find out who murdered her.  Rachel’s husband has since been deceased and her son Rob is thinking of moving his wife Lauren,…

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