NH Ice Castles

New Hampshire Ice Castles

I have been meaning to visit the Ice Castles for several years! Every winter I would think – THIS is the winter I would make the trek. And every year I would miss it.

Not this time. I was determined to bring the kids and take some fun pictures of these spectacular, man-made ice castles.

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I just made it, too. It’s close to the end of the season. But don’t you worry. The Ice Castles are back every winter.

New Hampshire Ice Castles 2

And they’re not just in New Hampshire. Owner Brent Christensen had been building Ice Castles in several locations since 2011. Every year, they appear in New Hampshire, Colorado, Edmonton, Canada, Wisconsin and Utah. You can check out all of the locations here: https://icecastles.com/

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Gorgeous walls of ice formations are created with lots of tunnels and ice slides for the kids. Hanging chandeliers of crystal ice, several different “rooms”, ice and water fountains, and light shows behind the ice made for a magical experience.

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If you plan on visiting, make sure to buy tickets from the website. They are sold out every day so don’t expect to just show up and be able to get in. You must buy tickets a week in advance.

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Once inside with your tickets, there is no time limit! Stay as long as you like. There are plenty of nooks and crannies to explore, a concession stand serving homemade hot chocolate and about the best warm and gooey cinnamon buns I’ve ever had, and fire pits scattered here and there for some fast hand warming.

Ne Hampshire Ice Castles 5

Visit the Ice Castles page for directions. In years to come, the locations may possibly change.

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We didn’t stay for the evening and that’s when the magic happens. There is live entertainment and a constant light show behind the ice. I wish we could have stayed late into the evening, but we had a long drive home. It might make sense to reserve a room in the area if you plan on an evening experience. Take a look at this promo video.

Enjoy the sights and sounds of the Ice Castles, as experienced by Rob Wisnouckas of One Bag Travel Stories and captured by Chip Cross! To reserve your tickets, please visit our website at: http://icecastles.com/lincoln/

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A dazzling experience for all ages! You have to check this out!

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