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We are actively looking for contributors to take part in a new type of arts & entertainment publication.  If you know the difference between ‘they’re’, ‘their’, and ‘there’ and you have a love for writing, join us!

The Portsmouth Review is a non-profit and unlike traditional print and online publications where authors receive very little and are often let go in favor of free writers, we look to level the playing field. Eventually, once enough content is added, we will open up to advertising and donations to keep this site alive.

30% of all income will go to the managing editors while the remaining 70% will be evenly divided among contributors each month.

We would like contributors to commit to adding at least one review/article per week.  If you think this sounds great, send us an inquiry below.

We are looking for book, video game, and music reviewers in all genres.  We are also accepting contributors for our poetry and short story section – a great place to showcase your stuff!

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