Reviews on local happenings in Northern New England.

NH Ice Castles

New Hampshire Ice Castles

I have been meaning to visit the Ice Castles for several years! Every winter I would think – THIS is the winter I would make the trek. And every year I would miss it. Not this time. I was determined to bring the kids and take some fun pictures of these spectacular, man-made ice castles….

Boston Rock Opera

Boston Rock Opera’s Holiday Event

Boston Rock Opera’s Happening Holiday Special Brings Musicians Together for Hurricane Maria Relief   One Night Only! Boston Rock Opera is bringing together more than thirty performers from the Boston music scene to celebrate the holidays with music and laughter, while raising money for Hurricane Maria relief. December 16th, 2017 at ONCE Ballroom, 156 Highland…

Escape Room Salem

Escape Room Salem

On a whim, I recently explored Escape Room Salem in Massachusetts with my kids. They are open all year long and located right in the heart of the ‘witch hysteria’ tourist section in Salem, otherwise known as the Witch City Mall. Yes, they have an entire mall dedicated to the occult, the bizarre, and the…


The NH Women’s March for Civil Rights in Portsmouth, NH

While DC had the Million Women March and other major cities across the states filled with women, Portsmouth held the NH Women’s March for Civil Rights in solidarity. Occupy New Hampshire Seacoast expected hundreds to show up – instead, they got thousands. It was more of a rally than a march. There wasn’t much marching….

York's Wild Kingdom

York’s Wild Kingdom in Maine – a Must Visit

You can spend the entire day here and still not cover everything. Tourists: There are plenty of places to explore in New England, and although you can visit a zoo near any metropolitan area, a stop at York’s Wild Kingdom is highly recommended. The locals bring the family at least once per year. Only open seasonally, it’s a…

Cairn at Mount Major

Hiking Mount Major in Alton, NH

Mount Major is an easy to moderate hike of 3.9 miles if you do the loop. This is a great hike for kids. My family including a five year old, and an entire cub scout troop, made the trek this weekend. There is a fair amount of climbing and some steep and rocky inclines, but…

Not Too Sharp A Cappella

UNH’s Not Too Sharp A Cappella Group Stuns at Four Tree Island

I experienced an unexpected delight while at Four Tree Island for a child’s birthday party. Unbeknownst to us, UNH’s A Cappella group Not Too Sharp was there, about to shoot their newest video. The group of young men siting on the rocks and enjoying a BBQ suddenly broke out in a chorus of beautiful voices, and…

Baby Animals Strawbery Banke

Baby Animals at Strawbery Banke

Strawbery Banke in Portsmouth is finally open for the season and they began this year with Spring Barnyard Baby Animals which presented livestock representative of 17th century farms and later. This was a great exposition for the kids where they could learn about local heritage and have fun eyeing those adorable baby animals. If you…

janegee Portsmouth NH 1

Portsmouth’s janegee Review

Ever wander into a store and immediately want to touch and try everything you see? This particular feeling might take over (and totally overwhelm you) when you walk into the lovely janegee®, a shop residing in the heart of downtown Portsmouth. janegee® truly has something for everyone: from fragrant bath scrubs, to aromatherapy soaps, fifty shades of lipstick, and…

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