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Ever wander into a store and immediately want to touch and try everything you see? This particular feeling might take over (and totally overwhelm you) when you walk into the lovely janegee®, a shop residing in the heart of downtown Portsmouth.

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janegee® truly has something for everyone: from fragrant bath scrubs, to aromatherapy soaps, fifty shades of lipstick, and shelves filled with body creams. Beautiful fabrics, towels, shoes, handcrafted pieces for the home, and candles (which, trust me, all smell delicious – I’ve taken a whiff of just about everything in this store). And that’s not even the best part.

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The best part is this: everything here is made naturally from plants, clays, and minerals derived straight from Mother Earth herself. It’s as simple as that. No chemicals. No synthetics. No ingredients that you can’t pronounce. How often can you say that you know exactly where all of your cosmetics and skin care essentials are coming from?

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When Jane Gee, a certified Holistic Esthetician who knows just about everything under the sun that there is to know about skin and hair care, founded the store, she created her products backed up by the belief that when it comes to our bodies, nature has all of the answers that we could ever need. She even offers individual consultations and treatments that are molded specifically for you and what is going to make you look and feel your very best.

There is just so much to look at and try in this store, and a story behind all of it. Don’t know where to begin? No need to worry; everyone who works here is clearly passionate about what they do, and are happy to help you with all of your questions, as well as give you insight on your quest for finding which products are right for you.

This store not only gives to us, but they give back to those in need as well; they frequently hold events supporting other local organizations. They are also  involved in the janegee® Passion Positive program, which raises donations for different groups such as Arts in Reach, dedicated to teaching and mentoring young girls in the seacoast area through art.  Just this past weekend, janegee® held a fundraiser for Safe Harbor Recovery Center, a non-profit sanctuary for those who suffer from substance abuse that, because of this event, may be closer to being able to open up their doors in Portsmouth soon. Other shops and restaurants in the area pitched in with their own donations of gift cards and prizes for a raffle, and all of the proceeds went to Safe Harbor. It’s inspiring to see such a sense of community in this small, but supportive, city.

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It’s rare that you find a store that creates magic within their walls. So pop in and pamper yourself! janegee® is not only unique, (as well as the perfect place to get some of that holiday shopping done), but everything you find here just makes you feel good. Good about the environment, and good about yourself. And if and when you do go in, make sure you try the Peppermint Cookie Balls (before I come back again and eat all of them).

More information on the story behind the ladies of janegee® can be found on their website.

107 Congress St.
Portsmouth, NH

A Great Place to Shop and Relax

My Rating

Five Stars

A great place for holistic shopping and pampering.

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