Ellis Lake Roxbury ME

Warm Waters and White Sands at Ellis Pond in Roxbury, Maine

I meant to post this earlier in the summer. But keep this tidbit in mind when you’re planning next summer’s New England getaway.

It was seemingly a secret place I visited in July when the weather was warm and the beach was inviting. There just wasn’t many people there and we were on the edge of heaven. The beach on Ellis Pond in Roxbury is a hidden treasure in northwestern Maine that, during the scant few months when summer is afoot in the northern territories, beats out any overrun/exotic/resort/waste-of-money tourist trap.

It’s free to park, secluded, stunningly beautiful, and the water was surprisingly as warm as a bath (note: this was a mid-July visit).

Ellis Pond Map

It’s about a 3-1/2 hour trip from Boston. Not bad. And there are plenty of places to stay. Ellis Pond is often referred to as Silver Lake possibly because of the nearby (spitting distance) Silver Lake Campground. Although the campground here is seasonal, they have a year round lodge ready for visitors. From the Silver Lake Campground, you can easily walk to the pond. For those of you lodging elsewhere, parking is free right next to the Ellis Pond Public Boat Launch. At least, it’s free as of the date of this post.

Ellis Pond Public Boat Launch

I could have spent all summer on this isolated family beach. The kids could have too. We had to drag them away.

Ellis Pond Maine

My camera could not do the view justice. Rolling hills of green splendor surround this valley pond.

Ellis Pond Views

The local wildlife was unperturbed by our presence. In fact, they were quite insistent on hanging around.

Ellis Pond Ducks

Time well spent.

Ellis Pond Meditation

A picture perfect day.

Ellis Pond Beach

As I mentioned above, there is a boat launch for public use.

Ellis Pond Boating

I didn’t get a picture of it, but there is a floating marker directly in front of the beach about 50 meters out. It marks the spot of a large rock that nearly breaks the surface. It’s an easy swim to reach, and beach goers can hang out on the rock or use it as a diving board.

Click here for directions to the Ellis Pond public beach from Boston: Google Maps Directions to Ellis Pond

Silver Lake Campground

Click to Visit

Although I didn’t stay at the Silver Lake Campground (my family has a cabin ten minutes away), I’m suggesting this spot as the perfect summer getaway for price and location. You won’t be battling a multitude of tourists and there are a million things to do aside from a visit to Ellis Pond.

Come for the lake, the beach, the air, boating, canoeing, kayaking, the ATV trails, hiking, and antique hunting.

The lodge is open year round and in the coming weeks, this will be a prime location for leaf peepers.

What do you think? Tell us if you’ve been here before!


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