York's Wild Kingdom

York’s Wild Kingdom in Maine – a Must Visit

You can spend the entire day here and still not cover everything.

Tourists: There are plenty of places to explore in New England, and although you can visit a zoo near any metropolitan area, a stop at York’s Wild Kingdom is highly recommended. The locals bring the family at least once per year. Only open seasonally, it’s a very exciting time for the kids when their doors finally open after a long winter.

It’s all about exploration and knowledge of the animal kingdom with direct animal interaction. There’s a petting zoo and a separate deer enclosure where you can pet and feed the deer. Deer! There’s even a butterfly room – watch your feet!

One half of the park is dedicated to the animals while the other half is an amusement park complete with a midway. There are plenty of places to eat and sit for a picnic and the entire day can be spent on the grounds. It’s located about twenty minutes north of Portsmouth, right off 95 for a convenient drive in.

As a mom, I can assure you – your kids will be pumped.

York's Wild Kingdom Map

The residents here love to make appearances.

Monkey York's Wild Kingdom

And sometimes they swing wall to wall in excitement.

Monkey York's Wild Kingdom

While other residents are a bit more chill.


Some know you come bearing gifts, and they get awfully excited – and slobbery.

Petting Zoo York's Wild Kingdom

Some are completely comfortable with public displays of affection.


Some keep their distance.

tiger York's Wild Kingdom

There is the strange…

Monkey Face York's Wild Kingdom

And the familiar.

Carousel Your's Wild Kingdom

And a view from the top you have to see to believe…

Ferris Wheel York's Wild Kingdom

Because the camera just can’t do justice.

Ferris Wheel York's Wild Kingdom

A wonderful time every year

My Rating

Five Stars

A great place to bring the family, York's Wild Kingdom has something for everyone. The kids will not be disappointed.

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