The Monster Under My Web by Charlene Gresham Book Review

The Monster Under My Web is a children’s book that is very easy to understand yet helps parents and teachers show little kids that their fears can be overcome when they face them up front.  This book is based on a spider names Annabel.  Annabel lives in the room of a little boy named Jimmy.  When Jimmy gets a new train for his birthday, Annabel is extremely scared and will not leave her web.  She hears the train’s engine and imagines that the train is much worse than it actually is.  This story is how Annabel gets herself to leave her web and conquer her fear of “the monster.”

The Monster Under My Web shows that even things that many kids think are scary, like spiders, also have fears.  Until the fears are confronted, the fears will continue to haunt the individual.  When a person finally gets up the courage to face their fears, most of the time that fear will dissipate.  For children, many things can be scary: Going to school, meeting new people, jumping into the pool, going to the beach, etc. are all on the list of people’s fears.  However, sometimes they are not always as bad as they appear, when you finally try it.

This story is a great way to get kids to try new things and compare Annabel’s fears to what they might be going through.  Some kids are a bit more reserved than others and need that little push to get past their fear.  This book works to enable kids to become more extroverted as well as concentrate on fears that they have and why they have them.  Talking about these things sometimes is all a child needs.  The Monster Under My Web uses a colorful picture book to talk about a taboo topic in a child’s life.  It engages the child and gets them to talk about their fears as well.

Great for overcoming children's fears

Really simple and entertaining!

Read this when the little ones have nightmares!

This is a short read but perfect when the little ones wake up in the middle of the night from nightmares. This is a great go to book when they need to realize that the monsters they think exist are not monsters at all!

Alyssa is an avid reader. She tries to get people's opinions on what their last interesting read was any chance she gets. She lives in the Boston area and thinks it is the perfect place for a bookworm. She holds a Bachelors in Communication and just finished her MBA with a concentration in marketing. She is also starting a certificate in Computer Science this summer. If anyone every has any questions about Alyssa feel free to email her at

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