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Lily and Andrew Are Moving Book Review

Lily and Andrew Are Moving by Julie Etter Book Review

Written by a local Realtor® from Massachusetts, Lily and Andrew Are Moving is a book that seeks to quell anxieties felt by children who are being uprooted to a new home. Change can be difficult for some kids. They might feel massive unease about the premise of moving while the parents are completely unaware because children…

Seven Ways to Trick a Troll Book Review

Seven Ways to Trick a Troll by Lise Lunge-Larsen Book Review

Lise Lunge-Larsen is an award-winning author and certified troll expert with the occasional dragonslayer accolades. Naturally, many of her children’s books are centered around Norse mythology. In Seven Ways to Trick a Troll, the author pulls from authentic troll stories from mythology and folklore to compile seven short stories teaching children how to prevent themselves…

Bubby's Puddle Pond Book Review

Bubby’s Puddle Pond by Carol Hageman Book Review

Bubby’s Puddle Pond: A Tortuga’s Tale of the Desert is a an adorable book for all future veterinarians and zoologists. It showcases Bubby, a desert tortoise, who lives in a controlled habitat with a loving caretaker. Over the years, Bubby makes friends who play together in his puddle pond and who care greatly for one…

A Runtamuffin Tale Book Review

A Runtamuffin Tale by Melissa Taylor Book Review

A Runtamuffin Tale is a children’s book that showcases a bucolic farm life and relationships between animals with an anthropomorphic flair. Semi-centered on a tiny hen called Runtamuffin (“Runti”), author Melissa Taylor based the story on the adventures of her real-life chickens on the farm. Melissa Taylor | 2017 | Hardcover | Illustrated by Marc…

MacKenzie Goes Adventuring Book Review

MacKenzie Goes Adventuring by J.L. Baumann Book Review

MacKenzie Goes Adventuring by J.L. Baumann and illustrated by Gabriel Roman is an adorable children’s book set in singsong verse with delightful illustrations. An adventure begins when little MacKenzie and her friend fail to heed the warnings of their teacher and instead take a different path home. Post Mortem Publications, Inc. | March 7, 2017 |…

A Monster Calls Book Review

A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness Book Review

Patrick Ness is the author of the extremely popular Chaos Walking series which I adored. When I saw his book A Monster Calls, I immediately shelved it as a book I would eventually read, but never did get around to it – until recently. I picked it up when I saw this fantastic movie trailer. I…

Seaside By Wylde Scott Book Review

Seaside by Wylde Scott Book Review

Seaside is a chapter book for young readers that’s guaranteed to get your kids into reading. Recently released, this nautical adventure takes place in a small fishing port (not unlike Portsmouth!) and features a ship-tackling octopus, a pirate-like antagonist, stunning illustrations, and a friendship between two characters from opposing worlds. Hardcover | Wylde Press |…


Skulls by Mike Artell Book Review

Skulls is a new nonfiction science book for children and it’s perfect for budding scientific minds. There are no cartoon characters frolicking about the page and no fairytale story line to follow. It’s a book filled with bubbles of facts and a bunch of creepy but undeniably fascinating skulls from the animal kingdom. Paperback |…

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