Reviews on rib-ticklers and silly satire.

The Financial Lives of Poets Book Review

The Financial Lives of Poets by Jess Walter Book Review

The Financial Lives of Poets is a work of fiction that follows our main character Matt through the current downward spiral that is his life. He is days away from losing his house (unbeknownst to his unassuming family), suddenly aware of his wife’s sudden disinterest in their marriage, jobless and living with his father who…

The Vampire Gaytooth Book Review

The Vampire Gaytooth by Michael Francis John Book Review

  The Vampire Gaytooth is not your average story about vampires. The main character is Rodger, who aptly calls himself Gaytooth, who has a clever take on his vampirism (fangs) and his sexual preference (guys). He is, in fact, a most unusual vampire. He does not require human blood to feed or need to completely…


All Mascara is Not Created Equal by Jessica Landmon Book Review

All Mascara is Not Created Equal by Jessica Landmon is a great book for all mothers to give to their daughters.  This is a combination of God’s words of wisdom and the wisdom of a mother who has raised a young girl.  Jessica Landmon is a great role model for young women and this book…


Textastrophe by Matt Andrews Book Review

Textastrophe is a compilation of prank text messages to people who have posted ads with their cell numbers.  Matt Andrews takes prank calling to a whole new level with text pranks.  Matt touches on many different types of ads.  This is a quick read and is great to read with a group. The format of…

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