Meet Twinkle Toes by Faye M. Parsons Book Review

Meet Twinkle Toes is about a cat named Twinkle Toes who does not seem to fit in with his family or anyone else in the shelter.  The story discusses Twinkle Toes’ feelings and how he recognizes how different he is.  Twinkle Toes is very large and is beautifully rainbow colored.  Two women soon show up at the shelter and find that they are interested in adopting Twinkle Toes.  They recognize that he is different, but they embrace it.  Both of the women have lost their husbands and felt that they could offer love to another feline companion.

This book shares that it is not about the color or differences between the two people that accounts for the love that forms between the individuals.  People have similarities no matter what their appearance.  This story is about overcoming the appearance of an individual and offering them love and comfort.  Books like Twinkle Toes are an aid in teaching children that acceptance of all types is a huge part life. There will be more people who are different than those who are similar to you.  It is a very important lesson deftly conveyed in this book.

The illustrations and colors are extremely well thought out.  The book itself has more than a few words on the pages which can sometimes deter people from reading to their children because they think children will lose interest easily.  However, with the vibrant colors and interesting scenes, it engages the audience no matter how young they are.  The long text on the pages gives time for the kids to look at all the interesting pictures and see how different Twinkle Toes is than the average cat!  This was a fun book to look at and read.  I would not have a problem recommending this to any of the moms and dads out there!

Meet Twinkle Toes!
by Faye M Parsons

Meet Twinkle Toes!: Book 1 of a Series of Twinkle Toes Adventures

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