The Sarcasm Handbook

Local Author New Release: The Sarcasm Handbook by Lawrence Dorfman

Lawrence Dorfman is a local Connecticut author.

The Sarcasm Handbook

Paperback: 192 pages
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing (July 4, 2017)
ISBN-10: 1510723269
ISBN-13: 978-1510723269
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From the author of the bestselling Snark series comes the premiere guide to satire, sneering, jeering, and mockery in their finest forms. A surviving knight of many a verbal joust, Larry Dorfman has become an expert at backhanded sass and cathartic banter.

Featuring life lessons from the master himself, as well as quotes and quips by some of history’s sarcastic greats, The Sarcasm Handbook (Skyhorse Publishing, June 6, 2017) teaches readers how to deflect stupidity and express their inner dissatisfaction with a keen sensibility, hushing subtlety, and wisecrack wit.

Included in these invaluable teachings are instructional chapters on:

  • Achieving the right tone
  • Sarcastic bastards in history
  • The greatest moments in sarcasm history
  • And more!

So pick up a copy today and start learning the art of disparagement through passive aggressiveness!

About the Author

Lawrence Dorfman has more than thirty years of experience in the bookselling world, including stints at Simon and Schuster, Penguin, and Harry N. Abrams. He is the author of the Snark Handbook series including The Snark Handbook: Politics and Government Edition, The Snark Handbook: Insult Edition; The Snark Handbook: Sex Edition, Snark! The Herald Angels Sing, and The Snark Handbook: Clichés Edition. He lives in Connecticut.

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