The Book of Origins by Lawrence Millman

Local Author New Release: The Book of Origins

Lawrence Millman is a local New England author from Cambridge, MA. His latest release is a satirical short story collection featuring pop culture icons and other players from history, fiction, and theology.

The Book of Origins by Lawrence Millman

Publisher: No Frills Buffalo
January 4, 2019
159 pp


Lawrence Millman’s The Book of Origins is a rattle-your-brains collection of tales in the tradition of George Carlin, Jonathan Swift, and Italo Calvino, but not Jane Austen or Henry James. It is a celebration of an increasingly rare phenomenon — political incorrectness. In its pages, you will learn about a highly moral man who refuses to marry his grandmother, God’s failure as a Supreme Being and his subsequent retirement, a man given a prison sentence for writing a novel, a highly moral young man who refuses to marry his grandmother, the kickboxing competition of God and Satan, Harry Potter’s afterlife as a used car salesman. a U.S. president who decides to attack other countries because he’s horny, a barely educated Middle American who’s offered the Nobel Prize in Physics, and numerous other undocumented incidents in our planet’s history.

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More About the Author

Lawrence Millman is an established author, having written sixteen other novels, all varying in eclectic genres and is a resident of Cambridge, MA.

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