U Murder U (Suicide) by Gladys Lawson Book Review

Unfortunately, suicide is much too prevalent in our society.  People struggling through everyday life and problems are judged, as if they’re crazy for voicing their desire to end it all  – even though many of us have been there at least at one point in our lives. But the internet has also made is very easy for people to come together and share those feelings, sometimes falsely encouraging each other that suicide is the right thing to do.

U Murder U (Suicide) is a book that talks about the taboo topic of suicide.  It is a story about a group of young people (some as young as 8) that have met in an online chatroom and are struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts.  They are each other’s crutch and feel as though there is no one outside of the chat room for them.  The kids make a suicide pact which they will all fulfill together by drinking poison.

This book follows the lives of the children within this book and shows their daily struggles.  Suicidal thoughts do not discriminate.  Some of the characters in this book seem to have it all on the outside but on the inside they suffer unimaginable depression.  Lawson is gruesome and detailed in her descriptions which makes it much more real.  There is no ‘sugarcoated anything’ in this book.  That is what is so great about it. This book is not a book that necessarily has a happy ending.  It’s real and gritty; the reality of this disease is brought to your attention and makes it easy to connect with the characters.  More times than not I would catch myself wondering “Why?!” in my head.  That’s what a good book does.  It makes you feel emotions, even if they are uncomfortable.

U Murder U (Suicide) is not a light read and can get your brain going in directions it probably hasn’t before.  It has taught me a lot about my ability to filter things that are uncomfortable and taboo.  This book will be sure to get you our of your comfort zone!

U Murder U (Suicide)
by Gladys Lawson

U Murder U (Suicide) [Red Cover]

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