The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks Book Review

The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks is an interesting take on fate.  Sophia and Luke are two people who’s paths cross one night when Sophia is trying to get away from her ex-boyfriend who has shown up to a party she is at.  Sophia is taken aback by Luke.  He is the typical rodeo cowboy while Sophia is a young college girl from New Jersey.  It is not long before they start spending all of their time together.  There is conflict within their relationship from the get go, considering the night they meet Luke and Sophia’s ex, Brian have a physical fight outside of the party.  Sophia is internally struggles with life decisions. It is her senior year of college where life’s biggest decisions are made.  Where to go from here is on Sophia’s mind.  However, she does want Luke to be by her side.   Luke is also struggling to get by while working on his farm with his mother which seems to be declining rapidly and at risk of being repossessed.

Ruth and Ira are older generation lovers.  Ira is in his 90s when this story takes place.  During the book, Ira has crashed his car and is sitting in his car, his body broken in multiple places.  Ruth, is his now deceased wife who’s ghost seems to visit him in his time of need.  Throughout the story, flashbacks of his memories with Ruth, are guiding him through his physical struggles.

As the story progresses you understand how the two stories seem to wrap up into one.    As many of Nicholas Sparks books do, The Longest Ride tells the love story of old and new love in a remarkable way.  The constant turning points in the characters’ struggles and relationships makes them relatable and hopeful.  This book was a great read and definitely pulled at your heartstrings.

The Longest Ride
by Nicholas Sparks

The Longest Ride

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