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Interview with Local Author Michael Annese

Author Michael Annese originally hails from Lynn, Massachusetts and now calls Florida his home. He is the author of the new personal development book called The Victory Cycle.

Tell me a little bit about who you are and where you live.

I am originally from the north shore of Boston. Lynn Massachusetts to be exact, I basically grew up in the area. I left for south Florida when I was 20 years old. When I got down here I was a typical confused 20 year old and not sure of what to do with my life? I had always played drums and found my way into a rock band and started pursuing a music career. In short, I made it all the way up to a record company showcase in NYC where unfortunately things didn’t work out for us in the end. So, I shuffled my way back to south Florida with my head in my hands and the band crumbling around me. I outline this much better in the book, but needless to say disappointment was a total understatement. In any case, I took some time to pick myself up and dust myself off with many self-help/ personal development books. While studying this subject I reignited a childhood dream of civil service and started taking classes to become a firefighter / paramedic. Well today, some 20+ years later my home is in sunny Boca Raton Florida with my wife Kathi and two children Zach and Ashely where I am serve as a battalion chief at a career fire department in south Florida. All along though, I continued to study personal development and always considered penning my own take on the subject. I always thought, what a wonderful way to contribute and help people when they need it most. Maybe in a way, lend someone that helping hand when they are down. Which I have obviously taken the next step on in creating The Victory Cycle – 7 Progressive Steps to Forge a Lifetime of Everlasting Personal Growth and Change. Victory is an acronym for the steps required to reach success beginning with – Vision, Inspiration, Commitment, Timed Steps, Obstacles, Rejoice, and Yearlong Adjustments. All of which build on ones momentum for a greater outcome in life’s goals.

Victory Cycle by Michael Annese

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Are there any favorite local spots you like to visit, ones that inspire your creativity?

In terms of local spots in New England, we visit every year and go hiking in the White Mountains. Two years ago my son and I summited Mt. Washington via the Tuckerman’s Ravine trail. This was an incredible experience for both myself and my 12-year-old son. Full of inspiration and creativity, I was actually in the development stage of my book and this climb certainly served as motivation to make it happen. Another time we flew up from Florida to visit Gillette Stadium for game between the great New England Patriots and the Miami Dolphins. Talk about inspirational, nothing like the Pats to get you juiced up about winning and digging deep into your heart and soul for success.

Wow us with shock value. Is there anything about you that would surprise readers?

I had mentioned earlier I was in a band, now that I am a battalion Chief, I have to conduct myself in a professional manner at all times. Back in my days with the band, I had long black hair down to my mid-back and used to rock on with the best of them! Not that long hair isn’t professional mind you but just different for the circles I am now swimming in now.

What interested you to become a writer rather than something else such as neurosurgeon?

What interested me in writing was the opportunity to help people with my concept. I really can’t say I am a studied writer, my writing really comes from my heart, a deep place from within. When I am writing, I see it more as a one-on-one experience for the reader and myself. A time for just me and them to think and feel the situation. In essence take some time out to think, and make changes for a more fulfilling life. I find that while writing, I have the ability to express myself in such a way that while it’s happening, it’s truly living and breathing as it evolves and rolls off the page. In The Victory Cycle, I am really striving for personal connection with the reader; I am trying to ignite what is already inside them and break them free. Maybe the fire inside you has shrunken to a small flame or never really got started in the first place. My “Vision” for people is to release them from whatever is holding them back, and say to them “Let me introduce you to the incredible YOU.”

Funny side note: that was actually the first title of the book. The fact is we all are so capable of so many great things, we just sometimes get “caught up” and forget that. That is where The Victory Cycle comes in: it’s the solution to the frustration, the lack of results, and the low self-esteem. It’s the road map to lead you out of self-doubt, and release you to be the true person that lives within you, the one you truly know is inside dying to get out.

If you could spend a day with any author, living or dead – who would it be and why?

For me it would be Napoleon Hill, I know it’s not Shakespeare but you got to understand where I’m coming from. Napoleon Hill was one of the first to document success and how to get it. In many ways his book Think and Grow Rich is the corner stone for many personal development books. I would so enjoy spending a day with him learning firsthand what he found out when he spent time with such prolific people in his day.

Does the area in which you live provide influence in your writing? How so?

South Florida provides quite a bit of influence and inspiration. Sunny days, amazing people, beautiful beaches, palm trees, what isn’t inspiring?

What is the most critical piece of advice you would give to new authors?

Just start, stay true to what is within you. Reach down and make it happen, don’t get caught up in exact structure right away, just start the process. A little bit of writing everyday will turn into pages and chapters after some time. If your one who wants to lock yourself away and bust it out all at once then make the decision to do so already. What are you waiting for? Don’t wait till your lying on your death bed with a great story in your head, put your on your big girl, or big boy pants and let’s get started already!! No one is going to do it for you, or beg you to write it, you have to do it yourself. Don’t waist what’s inside of you, let your story come to life. My quote- “Desire needs to be fed, feed it ideas and it will grow, feed it progress and it will come to life.”

Coming up with a title can be difficult. Tell me how you came up with yours.

Initially, as I already mentioned, the working title was “Let me introduce you to the incredible you.” However as the concept of a “Cycle” took hold it became very evident that the secret to this idea was in fact a continuous cycle for improvement. So when the final decision was made to be The VICTORY Cycle, it was obviously the correct decision.

Are there more books coming from you in the future? Do tell!

I am currently gathering success stories from people that have used The Victory Cycle for an upcoming book with a working title of “Stories of Victory.” Here we will share real people’s success stories and how they started out and where they went on their path to victory. So, please share your story with us so we can include yours in our next book!

Where can people find more information on you and your projects?

Best place is my website: www.michaelannese.com


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