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Interview with Local Author Paul J. Scott

Tell me a little bit about who you are and where you live.

Thanks for your interest in me and my book! I’m from Boston, MA – born/raised and am the founder and president of GoingClear Interactive, a Boston based web development and web design firm as well as Clearingly – a resource channel for businesses that operate online and want to maximize their web presence and also – a web app directory and advertising platform based business for restaurants.

Tell us about your profession and how it led to your latest work.

Working in the web development, design field, this was a natural progression with results in mind given the industry I work in and hearing countless ideas from friends, families and colleagues in regards to new business web based startup ideas. With this book, I’m hoping everyone picks up a copy so that the next time they have a startup type web based business idea or a web app in general, that they can read my short book which will arm them with the confidence and know-how of how to take their idea whether small or large and turn it into a reality!

Building a Successful Web App

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Are there any favorite local spots you like to visit, ones that inspire your creativity?

Good question… I love the MFA (Museum of Fine Arts) in Boston – specifically the glass enclosed courtyard that has large glass windows, steel structure and bare white walls. It’s refreshing to be in there, sort of clears everything out and let’s you hone in on any projects or creative works you have on your mind.

Wow us with shock value. Is there anything about you that would surprise readers?

Hmm… this might be tied to question 6 below in regards to writing influence based on location, but in terms of a wow factor related to this book and myself, one web app that we developed at my company GoingClear Interactive raised $1.1 million in series A financing just a few months after we launched! That’s pretty impressive given that sometimes it takes years or never at all – but due to a successful web app launch, it seems that the venture capital company could recognize a strong website and web app and proceeded to fund them with a healthy amount too.

If you could spend a day with any author, living or dead – who would it be and why?

One of my favorites from a while back, is Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist book. So with that, I’d choose him. Clean inspiration with excellent storytelling.

Does the area in which you live provide influence in your writing? How so?

Interesting enough, my company GoingClear Interactive – which builds web apps and websites has worked with quite a few Harvard Business School MBA students who have worked on their own web app type business startup projects. And since they are right across the river in Cambridge, MA – it worked out nicely, us a credible local company and them, interested in working with a company that builds web app that is fair and has a clear approach. Given that chance to work on a variety of web app startups from Harvard MBA students who are graduating, it’s directly provided us more interesting projects to work on expanding our web app experience and programming which ultimately led to more experience building web apps and getting really comfortable and refined in this space. 

What is the most critical piece of advice you would give to new authors?

Most critical piece of advice – would be that the next time you have that web app Startup business type idea, talking with your friends or coworkers or at any time really, don’t dismiss it. Take a note of it, think it through a little and read my book! The end result is that web apps are everywhere and somebody at some point had to have the idea and then push it to the next step. Note that facebook, google, amazon, etc.. are all web apps at the core of their business.  This book is for everyone who has ideas and might not be the most technical or maybe they are but just not with web apps – this book will lay it out and provide readers with what it takes to build their successful web app from start to launch.  Note, that it won’t tell you how to specifically code, but it’s more so about the process, what to expect, elements needed, timing and essentially everything you need to know minus the actual coding of it, to take your idea and launch it!

Are there more books coming from you in the future? Do tell!

Oh, good question! My favorite, to be honest – is this book, but I have three others that also are really focused on optimizing web business.  One is “Websites That Work:  10 Low-Cost, High ROI Internet Marketing Strategies”, the other is “Web-Based Startups: The 21 Things Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know about Web Design and Internet Marketing ” and just an eBook: “7 Smart Online Strategies for Offline Businesses:  Proven Internet Tactics any Business Owners can use to Help the Bottom Line”.  If you want to check those out, they are located here:

Where can people find more information on you and your projects?

You can learn more about me and my company GoingClear Interactive at In addition, be sure to check out as well for more books and resources like this. We currently have three really helpful online courses tailored to small and medium sized businesses that focus web marketing that include topics such as advanced social media marketing, advanced SEO marketing and then a great course on Intro to Internet Marketing that offers 5 core units of focus from video marketing to paid advertising and email marketing.

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