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Bubby's Puddle Pond Book Review

Bubby’s Puddle Pond by Carol Hageman Book Review

Bubby’s Puddle Pond: A Tortuga’s Tale of the Desert is a an adorable book for all future veterinarians and zoologists. It showcases Bubby, a desert tortoise, who lives in a controlled habitat with a loving caretaker. Over the years, Bubby makes friends who play together in his puddle pond and who care greatly for one…

We Live in Water Book Review

We Live in Water by Jess Walter Book Review

We Live in Water is a collection of short stories by Jess Walter. Though the stories are fictional, each of Walter’s characters feels very real. Characters whose traits you may see in yourself or people that you know. The stories are based in small towns, with everyday people trying to survive. Harper Perennial | February…

Assassination Vacation Book Review

Assassination Vacation by Sarah Vowell Book Review

Assassination Vacation is a nonfiction discussion on three American presidents and their assassins as told by one with an obsession so great, she actually took a vacation to visit each and every landmark associated with the murders. Lincoln (R) in 1865, Garfield (R) in 1881, and McKinley (R) in 1901 are the three presidents she…

Author Sandra Pimentel

Interview with Local Author Sandra Pimentel

Sandra Pimentel is a local author from Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. A humanitarian, motivational speaker and author, she recently  released her book Blind Acceptance. This is a must-read book and is available at major book retailers and online including Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Xlibris. Sandra Pimentel (nee Pasquale) was born in 1942 in Boston, earned…

I Love a Book Review

I Love a Book by Joe Rhatigan Book Review

I Love a Book by Joe Rhatigan is a picture book for children that instills the love of reading and books in children. It is the quintessential type of book that bibliophiles (like me) want to read with their kids. MoonDance Press | November 1, 2017 | Illustrated by Olga & Aleksey Ivanov | Hardcover…

A Runtamuffin Tale Book Review

A Runtamuffin Tale by Melissa Taylor Book Review

A Runtamuffin Tale is a children’s book that showcases a bucolic farm life and relationships between animals with an anthropomorphic flair. Semi-centered on a tiny hen called Runtamuffin (“Runti”), author Melissa Taylor based the story on the adventures of her real-life chickens on the farm. Melissa Taylor | 2017 | Hardcover | Illustrated by Marc…

Thunderstruck Book Review

Thunderstruck by Erik Larson Book Review

Thunderstruck by Erik Larson is a work of non-fiction which takes the reader on a thrill ride through history. Larson combines the true stories of two men whose paths seemingly should have had no connection to one another. Each man’s tale highlights important events not only in their own lives but in society as well. Crown | October…

MacKenzie Goes Adventuring Book Review

MacKenzie Goes Adventuring by J.L. Baumann Book Review

MacKenzie Goes Adventuring by J.L. Baumann and illustrated by Gabriel Roman is an adorable children’s book set in singsong verse with delightful illustrations. An adventure begins when little MacKenzie and her friend fail to heed the warnings of their teacher and instead take a different path home. Post Mortem Publications, Inc. | March 7, 2017 |…

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