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THe Bird and the Sword Book Review

The Bird and the Sword by Amy Harmon Book Review

Amy Harmon is a New York Times bestselling author who often takes the nontraditional route of self-publication – and she’s highly successful with it. I’ve been seeing The Bird and the Sword flash on my GoodReads feed on a daily basis – read, reviewed, or added to a to-read list by many fellow readers – and…


Blog Tour: Making Your Net Work by Billy Dexter and Melissa G Wilson

The Problem with Networking Remember setting up face-to-face meetings to network? Now, most networking is done online, haphazardly, trying to connect on a one-to-many basis. But this isn’t working for most people. The Solution  “Making Your Net Work: Mastering the Art and Science of Career and Business Networking,” gives you both a time-tested process and…

Paradise Pyres

Blog Tour: Paradise Pyres by F. P. Fawks

Description: Am I borderline Bi-polar ? Slohn is the Corporate Operations officer for a large philanthropic foundation. He and his wife have long been suffering from a loveless marriage. To attempt to put it back together, they have scheduled a week-long trip to the Island of Bimini. Madison had been married for 15 years and…


Local Author New Release: Path to the Key by April Canavan

April Canavan is a local Maine author. Description: Magic is fading throughout the world and the supernatural realms can feel the strain growing daily, but Sarah doesn’t care about any of that. She cares about protecting her son from her vampiric ex-husband who is obsessed with gaining power. She’ll stop at nothing to ensure that Alex doesn’t…

The Song of Achilles Book Review

The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller Book Review

The Song of Achilles is a retelling of Homer’s Iliad with an emphasis on Achilles. Unlike the Brad Pitt movie Troy (with Achilles played by Pitt), The Song of Achilles stays much closer to the Iliad with its plethora of gods and goddesses, length of the war, and character placements. An issue long debated in the Iliad…

Sunsets of Tulem Book Review

Sunsets of Tulum by Raymond Avery Bartlett Book Review

Sunsets of Tulum is a first book from travel writer Raymond Avery Bartlett and a romance novel to warm up those cold winter nights. This love story is about how we are changed by those who we love and those who love us. It speaks of love as the ultimate catalyst for personal growth. Barrel Fire Press…


Local Author New Release: Lydie of Peruwelz by Richard Burack Sr. MD

Dr. Richard Burack is a local author and doctor from Jackson, NH. New Book Dramatizes 19th Century Belgian Murder Case Dr. Richard Burack authors historical fiction based on court transcripts Love, longing, class consciousness, insanity, and death by nicotine poisoning are focal points in Dr. Richard Burack’s debut novel “Lydie of Peruwelz.” Lydie Fougnies is…

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