Zeiss Art Calendar by Zeiss Book Review

Zeiss Art Calendar is a truly inspirational compilation of great photographers, models, and stories. Many photography books do not have story lines, just beautiful pictures.  This art calendar had both! This is not the typical type of book that I would choose to buy.  However, I was pleasantly surprised with the emotion and creativity that jumped off the pages as I started to read the book.

Actors such as Michael J. Fox and Patrick Dempsey are seen with models within the Art Calendar.  Work in this book includes photography from Mary McCartney, in “Moments in the City,” Douglas Kirkland’s “Opera with a Twist,”as well as Bryan Adams’ photography which features Michael J. Fox and Tatjana Patitz.

Through these three picture stories you can watch the stories unfold through these wonderfully depicted pictures.  Not only does this book include the pictures that tell the story but they also weave in interviews with the models to hear their insight into the photo shoots they took part in.  It also supported the story behind the pictures that were in the book.  The book is fun and the emotions are evident even without the additional interviews.

For someone who has never been involved in art/photography books, this would be a great place to start. Not only was it entertaining, it opened up a new genre of books that I am now interested in.  It did help that actors like Patrick Dempsey and Alec Baldwin appeared in some of the photos which allowed me to see these actors in a different light while also feeling like I already knew them from their work in television shows and movies.

Overall, this book is a piece of art that tells a story in a non-traditional way.  It really piqued my interest in the work of Zeiss and the photographers featured in this calendar.  I cannot wait until the next volume comes out!

Truly Creative

Beautiful Work. Highly recommended

Great detail and emotion!

This book was based on pictures telling a story while also including brief interview questions and answers with the models.

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