Twisted Venom By V.W. Raynes Book Review

Twisted Venom is a book written by a physician out of Texas who chooses not to reveal her real name. Claudia Ranelli is the main character in the story who is interning in the medical field.  While at a medical conference, Claudia does something that she does not typically do and hooks up with someone she just met. After the encounter, she swears that the man she was with has a dark secret.  Claudia claims that when the man pulled down his pants, there was a snake.

When Claudia woke up she was in a lot of pain and was bleeding.  She went to the gynecologist but never explained the exact nature of her encounter.  She told her best friend/cousin Dru about what happened but no one else.  This is the story of Claudia and the journey to find the man from that night and find out exactly what happened to her. The mystery unfolds as the past, that Claudia was unaware of,  comes back to haunt her.

Twisted Venom is unlike anything I have read, and I am an avid reader.  This story combines sex, mystery, and science like no other book does.  You will be boggled by this read and wonder what is going to happen but the end is so unpredictable that you won’t see it coming.  When it does happen, you still cannot believe it.

The vivid details help to engage the reader and create an attachment to Claudia. Claudia and Dru’s relationship is one that many people can relate to.  They are cousins who are best friends and display common struggles that many families and friendships have regarding other relationships.  With the humor that is thrown into the mix, it allows you to relate to the book even with the odd concept brought to the table by Raynes.  You feel compassion, fear, and love for the characters.  I recommend people to step out of their comfort zone in reading and read this one!

Unpredictable ending!

My Rating

4 out of 5 stars

This was a book that I normally wouldn't read. It incorporates science and medicine into its content which usually is more work to decipher than entertainment and relaxation. However, this book has made me second guess my previous decisions. I enjoyed the unpredictability, love, and friendships that were evident in this book.

Alyssa is an avid reader. She tries to get people's opinions on what their last interesting read was any chance she gets. She lives in the Boston area and thinks it is the perfect place for a bookworm. She holds a Bachelors in Communication and just finished her MBA with a concentration in marketing. She is also starting a certificate in Computer Science this summer. If anyone every has any questions about Alyssa feel free to email her at

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