The Perfect Raisin and Pretzel Cousins Club by Catherine Tobin Book Review

The Perfect Raisin and Pretzel Cousins Club is a book that teaches kids about accepting others.  When two cousins join together to create a club, many of their other cousins are quick to ask to be a part of it.  At first, the name doesn’t reflect the true members of the group.  By altering the name to reflect and include all members they accept, they are showing how they adapt to and accept new people no matter how different they are.  Despite their differences, they find at least one thing in common with the cousin looking to join the club and realize that they can adapt to perceived differences by using their existing commonalities to get along.

This book is a great children’s book because it shows that no matter what you think you know about a person, as you look deeper, you might realize that you have some things in common that were hidden. Although people may not look exactly like you and act just like you, there will be some common ground that you will be able to find between the two of you.  At a young age, little ones wonder why people may look different from them or why they practice different religions for example.  However, these differences are not the facts that ought to be focused on.  What this book emphasizes is finding that common ground which exists between people, and learning to use this strategy to befriend them.   As opposed to simply assuming you have nothing in common based on simple outward appearance, digging deep proves valuable for making friends with people who appear much different than themselves.

Good read with cute characters!

My Rating

This book has a great lesson while also showing the importance of accepting others and adapting to change.


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