The Success Factor by Ted Bagley Book Review

The Success Factor by Ted Bagley is a great way to open your mind to the possibilities within your career path.  It is true that while in college, you expect to graduate and land an amazing job makings gobs of money and live a comfortable life.  However, Bagley explains that this is not the case in many people’s journey.  Corporations are very difficult to try and get a feel for.  No one is looking out for you and everyone is looking out for themselves.

This book gives examples of how to make yourself marketable.  It gives you tips on how to have a wonderful interview and how to get your foot in the door.  Because the baby boomers are sure to be retiring over the next few years, it changes the economy and the job market.  Bagley gives insight into this as well.

The Success Factor is not a complicated book and does bring up some obvious points.  However, many people do not recognize the obvious and having a tip-offering book to reference is very useful. This is a book that graduating college seniors will benefit from reading.  It is a short read which means that reading the book will not cut into your job search, current work, or school work.  However, the reader benefits from the book the instantly in chapter one.  This is a book where you can flip to certain chapters that pertain to you.  If reading 142 pages is not an option, reading a chapter or two depending on your situation is definitely worthwhile.  The book does not solely focus on monetary success either. This is very important because many individuals focus on being happy with their job as opposed to being wealthy right off the bat.

Bagley describes that the wealth is eventually gained after the success that comes from getting the career you desire.  The steps that Bagley describes resonate with the reader and gives a starting point on achieving success in corporate America.


This is the book to read after you graduate!

Great tips about getting to where you want to be in the corporate world.

Ted Bagley gives insight into what you should expect when starting your career. It is a great confidence builder.


Alyssa is an avid reader. She tries to get people's opinions on what their last interesting read was any chance she gets. She lives in the Boston area and thinks it is the perfect place for a bookworm. She holds a Bachelors in Communication and just finished her MBA with a concentration in marketing. She is also starting a certificate in Computer Science this summer. If anyone every has any questions about Alyssa feel free to email her at

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