The Perfect Pillow Book Review

The Perfect Pillow by Eric Pinder Book Review

It’s wonderful to read a story of adventure and thrills to your child at night, but sometimes it’s even better to read a book that makes you yearn for a soft, cushy bed and that moment sleeps draws you under. The Perfect Pillow is that book. Disney-Hyperion | February, 2018 | Illustrated by Chris Sheban | Hardcover | 32 pp

The Perfect Pillow is about a little boy who just can’t seem to fall asleep in his new bed in his new house. Accompanied by his very best friend, a stuffed dragon, he attempts to wake up his mother but she directs him back to bed. So he goes off in search of a better, more comfortable place to sleep – and slips out the window.

With the help of his dragon, he finds the sleeping places of other creatures such as squirrels and owls and even tests out the plush fluffiness of a cloud. But each time, there is something not quite right about those sleeping places either. Maybe, just maybe, it wasn’t the bed after all. Perhaps he just needed a pillow, the very best pillow of them all.

The full-page illustrations by Chris Sheban are dreamlike and remarkably beautiful, and very fitting to the sleepy (in a good way) story being told. All cloaked in a nighttime aura, with fine lines and a hint of realism, it’s easy to feel entranced by the child’s search for sleep. By the time we finished reading the book, my daughter’s head had fallen to my chest as she thought of sleep. The Perfect Pillow seemed to have a hypnotic effect on both of us and sleep came soon after.

The Perfect Pillow if the perfect book for restless children and for parents craving an early night.


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The Perfect Pillow
by Eric Pinder
Illustrated by Chris Sheban

The Perfect Pillow

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