Oh! You Pretty Things by Shanna Mahin Book Review

Oh! You Pretty Things by Shanna Mahin is one of the best books I’ve read this year.  There are many books about the rich and famous, but how many of these books show you the nitty-gritty diva operations behind-the-scenes?  Shanna Mahin writes this book by using pieces of her personal experiences to create a very entertaining look into the background noise that keeps the everyday celebrity going. Although this is fiction and nothing is written about a specific realistic person, her insight and knowledge of the nuances behind the spotlight-business brings the story to life.  Shanna is a third generation Hollywood celebrity which does make you really think long and hard about the content of the book.

Jess Dunne is a 30-year-old currently working at a cafe when she decides she needs to take a chance and do something else.  Her mother whom she refers to by first name (Donna) is always asking her for money and a place to stay because she’s very unstable.  However, Donna still manages to get under Jess’ skin when she grills Jess about her situation and suggests, in few words, that she needs to step up her career.

Jess lives with an actress, Megan, who has been her best friend for years.  Megan is able to help Jess get into the world of stardom due to her contacts.  Jess becomes a personal assistant.  She got more than she bargained for.  Throughout the book you see the constant struggles of Jess’ personal life as well as her career struggles.  Making sure the celebrities remain happy is no easy feat.  There is constant drama which is always means for a good read!

Jess shows a more human side of the world of Hollywood.  She is no ‘size 0’ millionaire.  The character is relatable, which, in a world of size o’s and completely perfect, good-looking people, is refreshing.  Jess shares her story with us as she undergoes some of the most life-changing occurrences in her life. Oh! You Pretty Things was a great take on Hollywood; the good, the bad and the ugly included.

I hope Shanna Mahin comes out with another book very soon!

Oh! You Pretty Things
by Shanna Mahin

Oh! You Pretty Things

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