Between heaven and Hell Book review

Between Heaven and Hell by W. Delores Barron Book Review

Between Heaven and Hell is a collection of poetry by W. Delores Barron, PhD. that has been amassed over her life through sixty years, beginning with poetry written by her as a child. Not only does it show her emotional and spiritual growth throughout her life’s journey, but it portrays a woman who has been gifted with the song-like and feminine voice of a born poet.

The book sets the tone with its initial simple sonnet:

If I am God’s Child

If I am God’s child and She made me
why ain’t I perfect just like She?
Why do I fail at things I do,
should breed success through and through?
They say She loves me, love is Her name.
And yet my life is filled with pain.
I just don’t get it, how can it be
that I’m God’s child and She made me?

-W. Delores Barron, PhD.

The collection tackles spiritual and emotional issues with honesty at its core, and seems to aim at helping others through struggles and tough times. The author is a counselor and has steeped her knowledge and her own personal struggles deep into each poem and essay. The poems cover a wide berth of family issues with universal love between family members at the forefront. There are also uplifting words on pain – a light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak.

This is such a feel-good book with an extremely positive tone. There is a heavy spiritual element to much of the poetry, but it isn’t overbearing in a heavy Christian way. Also included in the book are prayers and short stories.

The author is an African-American woman who had gone through immense struggles, such as losing her son to AIDS. The dedication that precedes the poetry is a bonding moment. Losing a child is the greatest fear for many of us. Yet, this collection isn’t just about her life and experiences which is plainly evident. Many of the words come forth as advice with a sympathetic voice, a true mother’s touch.

Motherly. That’s the feeling this exceptional book of poetry creates and ushers from within. Warm, comforting, and with motherly affection.

Between Heaven and Hell
by W. Delores Barron

Between Heaven and Hell (To some life is a journey, to others life is a trip, A Collection of Poems, Prayers and Short Stories)

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