Giving Up is Not an Option by Hazen Meek and Linda Pierson Meek Book Review

This book is truly inspirational.  This is not your typical love story.  In fact, it was not written as a love story but the love you feel after reading this is unbelievable.  Hazen Meek is a man who truly does not believe in giving up.  Linda is there right beside him to care for him and love him unconditionally.  This book was published to make sure that Hazen got his last wish, which was to have his words published and his inspirational message at everyone’s fingertips.  Abbott Press | October, 2014 | Paperback | 82 pp

Hazen is able to recover from two strokes but is not able to recover from the cancer that eventually kills him.  This story shows the love and perseverance between a couple who constantly struggles with health issues, but never fails to feel or show their love towards one another.  This is not the prettiest relationship, but it is a realistic relationship that many people with ailing loved ones will be able to relate to.

This is a short story which can easily be read in one sitting.  However, although the span of time it takes to read the book does not really impact your day, the content of the book is eye-opening and life-changing.  It is easy to give up in life.  But when love is strong enough, giving up is not an option. The story of Linda and Hazen is an inspirational memoir concerning their struggle with unpredictable health issues and their long-lasting dedication toward one another.

This book will encourage people not to give up during their own struggles, as well as not giving up on the loved ones in their lives.  There will be tears but there are also smiles to accompany those tears because a love like this is one in a million.  It makes you wish you could experience a love like Hazen and Linda. Although their relationship is anything but easy, it is worth it.

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This book was worth the read!

My rating

5 stars!

I think this book made an example out of their struggles to inspire others to be grateful for what they have. This is a great book when it seems like life is constantly dealing you a bad hand. This is someone who dealt with the hand he was given and made the best out of everything.

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