Gerry Mouse by Charlotte Cooper Book Review

Gerry Mouse is the story about a mouse who is living in a shelter.  He sees many people go in and out of the shelter on a daily basis and describes to “The Big Man” that he still gets lonely.  Gerry Mouse describes how it is his birthday but he does not have anyone to celebrate with.  He goes to bed and is woken up by The Big Man and other people in the shelter to them singing Happy Birthday.  The Big Man and the others gift him a Blue Jacket which makes Gerry Mouse very happy.  Many of the people who contribute to the celebration and the gift, do not have much themselves. However, just by helping Gerry Mouse, they got enjoyment out of it and being kind made them happy too.  By giving the gift of kindness, they in turn received happiness.

Gerry Mouse teaches children the children that materialistic things do not always mean everything.  Sometimes, it is the intangible stuff that enables you to feel good.  To do good by others is a wonderful thing which carries no price tag.  Gerry Mouse talks about the people who are in the shelter and describes some people being nice and others being mean.  It teaches a very important lesson that not everyone may be kind toward you, but the few who are make a world of difference.

Books like Gerry Mouse are important because they demonstrate a type of kindness which may be disguised.  It teaches children how to do good when sometimes not everyone is.  Happiness is contagious and can be one of the best gifts which Gerry Mouse shows us in this book.  It is very important to show that to children and Charlotte Cooper does this in a creative way.  Kindness goes a long way  and can light up a room.  Even though the characters did not have much themselves, they still banded together to cheer Gerry Mouse up.  It is an inspiring story.

A good lesson about giving to the less fortunate

I would give this a 70/100

This book could have been a bit more descriptive and more appealing to children if there was more content. However, it is a short read that can quickly teach the lesson.


Alyssa is an avid reader. She tries to get people's opinions on what their last interesting read was any chance she gets. She lives in the Boston area and thinks it is the perfect place for a bookworm. She holds a Bachelors in Communication and just finished her MBA with a concentration in marketing. She is also starting a certificate in Computer Science this summer. If anyone every has any questions about Alyssa feel free to email her at

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