dirt, TRUTH, music and bungee cords book review

dirt, TRUTH, music and bungee cords by Bud Megargee Book Review

For fans of Many Lives, Many Masters is a new book with a similar spiritual message from author Bud Megargee. dirt, TRUTH, music and bungee cords isn’t told in the normal fashion of tale telling, even in the nonfiction sense. It is laid out the easiest way possible, as a dictation of the conversations between Bud, his medium Shirley, and his two soul guides Laz and Ucerous.

Many Lives, Many Masters shaped a generation of spiritual thinkers, breaking away from the ideologies of mainstream religion and its sharp rhetoric, and bringing us to an egocentric point of view: that there are many souls who are reborn with us over and over again, and that we have certain lessons to learn before we can move on to the next phase, the next journey, or the next lesson. And sometimes those souls are not reborn, or they leave this plane of existence early, to help guide us. It was a book that completely transformed the way I felt about life.

dirt, TRUTH, music and bungee cords follows this same set of beliefs and principals. While Bud is going through a difficult period in his life, he turns to his souls guides through a medium who makes the connection.

Laz is a soul who had been close to Bud in a previous life, and now watches over him. He’s worried that Bud will not make it to the next level, that he will not ascend if you will, if he does not complete his “lesson”. If that is the case, Laz will be forced to move on without him. The first step is convincing Bud to write this book as a way to teach others, but to do so by revealing it as nonfiction rather than a tale of fiction. Bud, naturally, has reservations about this. It would open him up to judgement.

This argument sets the stage for a number of lessons that that both Laz and Ucerous try to instill upon Bud. Encouraging him to move forward and “cut the cord” that drags him back to the past, they encourage change and growth, and a new way of thinking. While Laz is extremely outgoing and a bit of a riddler, Ucerous prefers to speak only when he has something to say.

While they encourage Bud to let go of his fears throughout the majority of the book, there are also several conversations inserted that are meant to expose the fun banter that went on between them. It wasn’t always the heavy analogies Laz loves to pour down upon poor Bud. At one point, Bud asked Laz where he goes to rest.

“I love the crystal city. That is the most beautiful. Think of a city made of crystal. The most beautiful crystals you have ever seen. The architecture, the streets, they glow, and they are alive. It is breathtaking.”

Laz likes to use symbolism and analogies to help Bud along. There is no straight answer – at least, he refuses to give one willingly. He must let Bud figure it out on his own. What jumped out at me personally was his symbol of the “lion in the grass”. This is the same exact symbol my soul guide used to describe someone in my plane of existence who was watching over me. The same symbol, the same words, and the same meaning had been used, and this gave me immediate pause. Could it be a common expression in the realm of souls? I like to think so.

I also find the timing of my picking up Bud Megargee’s book peculiar – just as my book club decided to pick up Many Lives, Many Masters for next month. The universe is definitely speaking to me.

dirt, TRUTH, music and bungee cords is not only extremely well-written and highly polished, it is a reinforcement of spiritualism – an aide during the times when you have strolled off that path. You might be well aware that you’re out in no-man’s land, but sometimes you need a push in the right direction. This book, in no uncertain terms (well, perhaps a few uncertain analogies), provides that.

dirt, TRUTH, music and bungee cords: Conversations with the Souls who guide my life
by Bud Megargee

dirt, TRUTH, music and bungee cords: Conversations with the Souls who guide my life

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