The Belly Bug Bully by Sabrina Panfilo Book Review

The Belly Bug Bully is a story that combines overcoming challenges of a sickness with not allowing yourself to be bullied. The story follows a little boy with the stomach bug and the steps he takes to rid himself of the belly bug bully.  The story is perfect for children because it rhymes, and is very easy to follow.  When a child is sick it is sometimes hard to get children to listen to you about the steps to take in order to feel better.  However, with a book showing a child overcoming this illness, and certain steps that the little boy takes, it may persuade them to try the different methods of getting better and beating the illness.

Along with the book teaching children how to get better physically, it also touches on the emotionally bullying that a child may undergo.  Bullying is a very prevalent issue in today’s younger generations. Kids need to be guided in the correct direction on how to take care of themselves and get rid of a bully.  Being a bully is not going to stop another from bullying you.   The Belly Bug Bully does a great job of portraying that.  Author, Sabrina Panfilo describes how the little boy should be himself and not let another person make him feel bad about himself.  It is a great story line.

This book shows that being positive and comfortable in your own skin will make the bullies move on from bullying the individual.  When the bully doesn’t get a reaction from the person they are trying to, then they will stop trying.  Panfilo describes that the Belly Bug Bully wants attention.  If he doesn’t not get they attention they seek, they will move on and will not continue bullying.

This book is a great book to pull out when a child is feeling a little under the weather or might have had a bad day at school.  This reminds a child how important it is not to bother with bullies and to be their own person no matter how someone else is trying to make you feel.


Interesting character to portray bullying

Good read!

Great book to read to kids when they aren't feeling their best or need a little pick me up.

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