America's Suicide Book Review

America’s Suicide by Michael H. Davison Book Review

Growing up there were two things my parents told me not to discuss with people that I did not know very well—politics and religion. In the book America’s Suicide, Michael H. Davison, discusses both in great detail. Most Americans are very compassionate in their opinions and beliefs pertaining to politics and religion. This compassion is one thing that makes discussion about these topics between those with opposing views so sensitive. Davison boldly pushes all the sensitivity aside and delves into the escalating problems that America currently faces.

Most people are well aware of the problems Davison refers to in the book like, the country’s increasing debt, too much government influence, outsourcing leading to the demise of once industrious cities, and the abuse of government assistance. He describes how liberals, democrats, republicans, and others impact, both negative and positive, America’s problems.

One major theory presented is that America has turned into something called a ‘nanny state’. Davison believes that there a number of people who expect the US government to take care of them in a number of ways. A theory that suggests that Americans need to be more accountable for the issues currently facing this country. He also discusses a number of things that Americans are not likely to see in the news media, which seem to align as well as support his theories.

“We do not owe one another free care and feeding, the government is not a parent charged with the duty to feed, clothe,  house, educate, doctor and create jobs for all of its citizen-children.”

This is just one of the several theories that are presented in the book, America’s Suicide. He goes on to discuss religion and how it and its followers impacts this country. The author bluntly describes his views of the solutions to each problem and does not sugarcoat any of his thoughts. While the author’s opinions do not necessarily reflect that of my own, Davison’s approach to dissecting America’s problems and how to fix them is very intriguing.

America’s Suicide
by Michael H Davison

America's Suicide

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