All My Friends Are Dead Book Review

All My Friends Are Dead by Avery Monsen Book Review

This morbidly delightful picture book is fun for all ages. Although it was published several years back, I only recently discovered its curious allure. This is a great read for parents as much as it is for children – but probably more so for the parents. Some have likened the book to “an adult book disguised as a children’s book”. I found it perfectly acceptable for my five year old who giggled along with me. Kindle Edition | Chronicle Books | 2011 

Throughout this picture book, we meet a bunch of sad characters. You’re not sure if you want to laugh or cry.

We get the lonely last members of a certain society, and those who are doomed from the get-go.

Maybe even a villain or two.

Completely hilarious and downright silly, this was five minutes well spent.

All My Friends Are Dead
by Avery Monsen

All My Friends Are Dead

Rebecca Skane

Rebecca Skane is the editor-in-chief for the Portsmouth Review. She holds a Bachelor of the Arts degree from Lawrence University in Wisconsin and resides in Portsmouth, NH with her husband and two children. She is the founder of The Portsmouth Book Club which boasts over 1,000 members. She also doubles as a professional escapist. Her genres are scifi and fantasy, both adult and young adult – but she often reads outside of her preferred genres. You can follow her on GoodReads. Aside from her love of good books, she is a professional website developer, content editor, and SEO expert. You can visit her web design and development site at

  • That’s hilarious. I see this book in memes a lot, but I’ve never read it. 🙂

    • It is hilarious. I saw it randomly on my GR feed and had to grab it. Worth every penny.

  • Dena

    One of my friends gave this to an expectant mother at her baby shower. Of course, she had to read it out loud to everyone and we were dying of laughter!

  • I saw this book around, but I never opened it. This is brilliant! That poor milk. I wonder if children get it, or if the humor is lost on them?

  • Oh that is too funny!

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