Fairy House with Purple Fairy

11th Annual Portsmouth Fairy House Tour

At the start of each autumn, Portsmouth holds the largest fairy house tour in the world called The Friends of the South End Portsmouth Fairy House Tour. It takes place in the historic south end of Portsmouth, from Strawberry Banke to Peirce Island. The tour was first inspired by author Tracy Kane and her Fairy Houses Series® of books. Over 150 fairy houses were created by community members and schools, and Portsmouth was inundated with visitors for this magical event. Thousands of people came to scout for fairies.

Author Tracy Kane was in attendance, as well as Glenda the Good Witch and other notable celebs. Pickwick’s Mercantile dazzled the children with make-your-own fairy pouches and other treasures, sneak peaks of “Fairy Houses–the Ballet” were provided on the Prescott Park Festival Stage, and there were lots of activities for the children. And bubbles. Bubbles were everywhere.

Also in attendance were thousands of fairies from the many New England tribes. Droves of fairies showed up for the preview of their new homes. While it is a known fact that fairies are often too fast to see with the naked eye, we managed to catch more than a few of them on film.

Here are some of the beautiful photos I took. Can you spot the fairies?

Fairy House with Purple Fairy

Fairy House 2 Pink Fairy

Fairy House Pumpkin Fairy

Fairy House 3 Sitting Fairy

Fairy House 4 Standing Fairy

Fairy House 6 Lighthouse

Fairy House 7 Kneeling Fairy

Fairy House 8 Roof Fairy

Fairy House 10 Leaves Fairy

Fairy House 15 Looking Up Fairy

Fairy House Red Fairy

Fairy House Flying Fairy

Fairy House Condo Association

Fairy House 16 Log Fairy

Fairy House 17 Up Above

Fairy House Pointing Fairy

Fairy House 20 Barbie Fairy

Fairy House Blue Fairy

Fairy House Pink Fairy

Fairy House Thrilled Fairy

Fairy House 25 Gold Fairy

Fairy House Butterfly Fairy

Fairy House Tiny Fairy

Fairy House Chic Fairy

Fairy House Shy Fairy

Fairy House Leaning Fairy


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